"Walking on water wasn't built in a day."
Kerouac to Ginsberg, 1967

Begin play right away...

Big Medicine is flat broke and starting from scratch against horrendous odds and monstrous foes. So, yes, we need a bit of help. Although evolutionary momentum, our sense of justice and the pleasure principle ensure that we triumphantly belittle Big Bodies in the final reel, we can save an awful lot of species, children and self-respect if we work to hasten the process now. Indeed the grand coincidence of the 2-year Millennium, Internet's abrupt epiphany, and this desperately vacuous election offers us a rare chance to accelerate this transformation exponentially.

We therefore request your active aid to get out the Big word and generate so many forms of ingenious resistance that the Big Bodies will finally lose heart (or at least their rapacious esprit de corps), melt down (relatively) peaceably, and stop fighting to rule the beings they were intended to serve.

To that devoutly desired end, all contributions are lavishly appreciated. In particular we are requesting: