There ain't no rules...

A Do-It-Yourself Crusade Kit
for Guerrilla Immunogentiles

Personal Prep | Activist Forces | Student Power

Although this presidential campaign is "political" and thus chiefly targets Big Body power, Big Medicine's prescriptions as a whole are triune:
  • GLOBAL: Recurring spiritual/erotic experience
    of our Earth and species' evolving unity.
  • LOCAL: Definitive defeat of Big Bodies as
    planetary pathogens and our eco-social masters.
  • VERY LOCAL INDEED: Recognition/revival of the body's
    deep magic and each person's mantic attentional powers.
None of these require violence. All require craft. The first and last seem simply personal, and peripheral to issues of power or control. They should thus meet little resistance and soon cascade quite freely through the public nervous system. The second, however, reorders the world and will occasion intense psychic and cultural combat. To maintain our social advances and free arrested insiders, Big Bodies must be dissolved or "belittled" swiftly but gracefully, not abruptly destroyed. Thus our primary tasks are to expose, disable and detoxify them, while generating enough internal awakening and external pressure to wizen them up for good. This is your mission if you choose to accept it. This our mission even if you don't.

Personal Preparation

Basic Training Know your Enemy Pick a Front Choose your Arms Engage Empathic Allies Encourage Your Selves

NGO Tactics

If you belong to one of the thousands of groups confronting Big Body symptoms in your locality, you doubtless know the exhaustion of of retail activism. Why not divert 20% of your collective attention to the wholesale cause? Set up a Big Body Countermeasures committee. Pack it with your most seditious, unruly members. Locally, then study and radically strengthen Direct Democracy statutes in your city or state and ways to keep Big Money from infecting them. Nationally, network with all other groups battling Big symptoms and orchestrate efforts to reduce corporate size. And globally reach out to your counterparts abroad, i.e., the ubiquitous immuno-activist 10% who are confronting the same plague and often desperately need your aid.

Student Tactics

American schools and universities were not originally built just to condition you for Big inclusion and consumption. They were once intended to prepare you to serve the world in ways that enriched both thy singular self and the societal whole. Since most now betray that mission in their subsidized rush to train you for docile incorporation, it is time to take matters into your own surprisingly able hands. Big Medicine would even prescribe that you take over these institutions in the year 2000, shutting down business as usual and focusing your time and their resources on our Big problem at hand. Although we generally use non-threatening medical terminology in this campaign, we are in fact talking about an all out evolutionary war, a war between our kind and its diverse sensual/spiritual values and the Big monotonic Them with their blind economic agendas, The outcome of this conflict will decide the entire world's becoming and radically expand or contract your own growth and potential. You have been listening to corporate collusive voices for a decade now. Isn't it time you yourselves had a say?