For a Smaller, Fairer, More Sensual World

In the absence of vast media budgets or virtually any budgets at all, we resort to the ancient ways and test the nimble phosphors of the pen against some mighty Big Swords. These Epistles are thus addressed to our variously flavored constituents and focus on their peculiar powers, exquisite futures and currently erroneous ways.

  • Mothers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Union Members
  • Blacks (separately)
    • Homies
    • Afro-Americans
    • The Corporate Colored
  • Sensual Adventurers (All preferences)
  • Feminists
  • Sixties Survivors
  • The Rich
  • The Poor
  • The Green
  • The Libertarian
  • The Irrevocably Incorporated
  • The ImmunoGentiles
    • MIGs (IG men)
    • WIGs (IG women)
  • The Newly Aged
  • Hackers, Nerds & Netizens
  • Catholics & Christians
  • Buddhists & Hindus
  • The Hierarchic Semite Spectrum
  • The Non-Voting Majority
  • The Voteless World

To be augmented regularly from the spring...