r Nancho Big Med Platform: Prescriptions for a Living World
"The government has ceased to function,
the corporations are the government
- - Theodore Dreiser

The Nancho Platform

" If there be a principle that ought not to be questioned
within the United States, it is that every man has a right
to abolish an old government and establish a new one.
This principle is not only recorded in every public archive,
written in every American heart, and sealed with the blood
of a host of American martyrs, but is the only lawful tenure
by which the United States hold their existence as a nation.
- - James Madison

A truly democratic platform is largely a do-it-ourselves project since we the people are still theoretically in charge. Although we have slipped pretty damn far from that theory of late, our sovereign power abides, and with it our Constitutional duty to defend our hard-won freedoms from all threats foreign and domestic. This duty is particularly pressing when our government itself is undermined and suborned by antidemocratic bodies of unprecedented power, bodies which have assumed human rights, usurped human sovereignty, and imperiled human health and evolution. Big Medicine therefore bases its platform upon an invitational commitment to radically slash the scale, sway and metastatic spread of Big Bodies within our borders and around the planet.

Big Med's platform planks are thus largely hewn from Greenish Small-extolling and/or Libertarian timber and many are still being milled. Be warned, however, that we aren't going to promise you a lot of things that we will do "for you" if and when you put "us" into power. Since the whole point is to put you yourselves - the "Sovereign People" - back in control of your homes, communities and common future, our planks suggest things you yourselves should be doing with or without the aid of our increasingly feckless leaders. As such our platform is more a prescription for emergency self-help than a political promissory note, and thus remains an operative agenda whatever the electoral results. For openers, it generically advises:

Although many of these reforms require specific political action, all can be accelerated by the creative activity by NGOs, informal citizen groups and ingenious individuals. The melting of vast social organisms back to human scale, social utility and ecological harmlessness is everybody's business, but government can play a vital role if it is under your control. We therefore recommend the adoption of following policies at the federal, state and/or local level to both correct the gross distortions that Big Bodies have bequeathed us and re-enchant the future for generations yet to come.


  • The Fat Tax (Tax assets, not income.)
    - Replace the income tax with a flat tax on aggregate corporate/individual wealth with deductions only for education, insurance, and charitable donations
  • Tax Compresses (To control hemorrhage, swelling or infection)
    Applied to carbon-based fuels; mass market advertising; disposable/non-recyclable goods; short-term transactions in currency, real estate, stocks, other financial instruments, etc;
  • Tax Relief (To lessen pain and suffering)
    For small businesses (particularly worker-owned enterprises), small farms (particularly non-toxic operations), teachers, and the self-employed.
  • Public Funding of All Elections
    For the per capita price of a half decent lunch, Americans could clean corrosive Big Money out of our elections for good. Christ and Gandhi fasted 40 days. We should be able to stand 4 hours.

  • Periodic Nationalization of the Airwaves during Major Elections
    • It's economical - free in fact. We shouldn't have to pay hundreds of millions for the air time to study our candidates in depth. The airwaves are ours. We own the damn things and can borrow them back whenever our national interest requires.

    • It's legal, and well precedented. Our military and even police have always had the right to commandeer vehicles in the line of duty, especially public duties affecting national security or general safety. What greater public duty then than a national election and who discharges it more rightfully than the Sovereign People in Chief?

    • It's logical and natural - we own the damn things.
  • Distribute Primaries by Lot
    After the Iowa and New Hampshire contests, set the dates for subsequent state primaries by lottery, spreading them out over a 4-month period. The current front-loading of the primary system ensures that only Big Body backed candidates can ever afford to play or be heard.

Radically Downsize & Diversify Schooling
Education should prepare youth to experience and uphold a creatively diverse, socially just, and eco-sustainable future. Currently, however, it mainly trains and sorts children for corporate utility and inclusion.

The Big problem with our schools is that they have abandoned personalized education for corporate instruction. To educate once meant to educe or draw out and nurture what was special and worthy in each individual child. To instruct means to insert common structures and standards, so any equally graded child can largely replace any other in the offices and factories of our Big Bodied world.

Schools now use overly large classes to suppress individuation and screen for corporate virtues - foremost of which are generic obedience, cheerful subordination, abstract cerebral & memory skills, and the willingness to sit docilely at desks 40 hours a week for years on end. Education of the heart, hand, spirit or senses withers in this environment and those with talents not useful to corporate end users often feel doomed and rebellious from the outset. True education demands far more personalized attention with classes no larger than 12-15 students and intense community involvement/interaction at the secondary level. New curricula must also be introduced which stress:

  • Personal individuation, maturation and responsibility (e.g., critical thinking, viable post-corporate skills/arts/trades, and techniques for medical/legal/media "self-defense");
  • Our indivisible relationship with Nature and the planet (e.g., Eco-literacy, Earth Education, and Permaculture);
  • The extraordinary creative potential and evolutionary importance of focused human attention; and
  • The threat huge collective entities consistently pose to our cultures, environment and spiritual/sensual/physical well-being.

Staff and students at high schools, colleges and universities should also be drawn into direct political/social/environmental problem-solving and experimentation. Educational resources and institutions must be mustered at all levels until the Big Body siege is over.


  • Teach basic ovulation awareness and then demand responsibility.
    The climbing abortion rate is an undeniable tragedy and the saddest proof that our current system to train minds for corporate inclusion has virtually instructed us right out of our sensual bodies. 40 years of biofeedback studies offer dramatic proof that ordinary people can be quite rapidly trained to consciously feel and control extremely subtle physical processes. Ovulation is hardly a subtle process. It sends torrents of hormones storming through the female body for a few days each month, yet nearly 8 out of 10 of women still don't have a clue when it occurs. Ovulation awareness should be at the compulsory heart of women's physical education, perhaps even a graduation requirement like swimming or gym now is in many secondary schools. Once women know when they are fertile, we can start to talk about "responsibility" and social sanctions for subsequent behavior.