4/2/03 ALERT: MPR's Charles Beck Rejects
3,000+ Requests for Democracy Now!
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Our need for Democracy Now! is of course even greater now as the war rages and the corporate media swarms with military advisors, rightist pundits and banzai propaganda. (Recent surveys by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting - www.fair.org - show that public broadcasting news shows now also feature four times more war boosters than war skeptics in their coverage and interviews.)

Coincidentally, Maine Public Radio is also in great need, only theirs is for Pledge Revenue Now! MPR is in desperate financial trouble and has to raise a quarter of a million dollars during this pledge week. Hmmm, maybe we can work something out... Since courtesy, reason and widespread support have so far failed, let us now try the coarser tools of economics.


Call in to the MPR Pledge Line (1-800-866-1475) from April 5th to 11th and tell them you would gladly support them, but ONLY IF they carry Democracy Now! (for at least a 3-month trial).
  • If you are not yet an MPR member, tell them you would happily become one IF they agree to this trial and that you will send your pledge as soon as it is on the air.
  • If you are a member, tell them that you will withhold your dues and forego new pledges UNTIL they agree to give the show a fair trial, and that you will not resume support until it is finally aired.
Contact EVERYONE you know who might by sympathetic and ask them to call in to the MPR pledge line (1-800-866-1475) during this drive and agitate for a three-month trial of Democracy Now!

Economic pressure may not be noblest path to success, but all is fair in love and war, and here we're definitely moved by both.

And as a final irony, adopting Democracy Now! may end up saving MPR's drowning fiscal ass. Consider that:
  1. other NPR affiliates have reported that Democracy Now! generates larger audiences, more devoted followings, and more successful fund drives than either Morning Edition or All Things Considered;
  2. Democracy Now! has offered to provide financially troubled MPR with their program feed WITHOUT CHARGE for a year and a half;
  3. a number of public spirited citizens have already offered over $5,000 in fiscal sponsorship, underwriting support, and supplementary aid if MPR takes the program.
Let's deluge them with calls, insist on a trial, and then "Let the People Decide!"


Whoever thought getting a little truth in the air would take so damn much work...

UPDATE: First off, we would like to warmly thank the thousand+ of you who attended Amy Goodman's presentations in February despite the ferocious weather, and the thousands more who have written, emailed and called Maine Public Radio in support of this cause. Maine's response to the first two phases of this effort (enlisting organizational endorsements and demonstrating wide popular support) has been massive and unprecedented.
  • despite your thousands of postcards, calls and emails;
  • despite strong support from over 60 eminent organizations (as varied as the College of the Atlantic, the Maine Teamsters & AFL-CIO, the Maine Council of Churches, MOFGA, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Maine People's Alliance, the Maine Green Independent Party, the Maine Democratic Party, Portland Tenants Union, and all the Peace & Justice Centers in the State);
  • despite the fact that Democracy Now! is the virtually the only show "out there" that questions our rulers' current policies or reports on their Wars on Terror-Iraq-Columbia-Dissent-Drugs-the Poor-&-Environment from their victims' point of view;
  • despite the fact that NPR's other news programs continue to quote, interview and feature four to five times more military/administration/war-friendly figures than voices on the other side;
  • despite statements from other NPR affiliates recounting how Democracy Now! generated larger audiences, more successful fund drives and more devoted followings than either Morning Edition or All Things Considered;
  • despite Democracy Now!'s offer to provide financially troubled MPR with their program feed without charge for eighteen months;
  • despite offers of thousands of dollars in underwriting and supplementary aid from a number of citizens;
  • and, perhaps most importantly, despite the Supreme Court's "Fairness Doctrine" ruling that declared the First Amendment "rests on the assumption that the widest possible dissemination of information from diverse and antagonistic sources is essential to the welfare of the public.."
Despite all this, Mr. Beck finally told us last week to forget it and go away. The apparent gist: "We don't care about your support, we don't need more diversity, and we don't give a damn about the thousands who promise to become new members if Democracy Now! is tried on the air. We shall decide what the public will hear and the public will kindly shut up."

Beck went on to make the rather stupefying claim that Amy Goodman, who has won nearly every broadcast journalism award in America, is merely a leftist version of Rush Limbaugh, the hate-mongering attack dog of the right.

(The degree to which this decision is based on his personal politics or fear of reprisals from his government and corporate funders is still unknown, but we do know his arguments for refusing the show are clearly pretexts and ring untrue. A brief examination of his official "reasons" (and our comments) are available here.


Portland - WMPG (90.9 FM and 104.1 FM) beginning April 14.
Weekdays at noon.

Blue Hill - WERU (89.9 FM). Weekdays at 5 p.m.

Portland - Community Television Network (Time Warner Cable channel 4)
Weekdays (except Wednesdays) at 9 a.m.

Newcastle - Lincoln County TV (Adelphia Cable channel 4)
Weekdays at 9 a.m.

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"This is not a time of gentleness, of timid beginnings that steal into life with soft apologies and dainty grace. It is a time for loud voice, open speech and fearless thinking; a time of striving and conscious manhood, a time of all that is robust and vehement and bold; a time radiant with new deals, new hopes of true democracy. I love it, for it thrills me and gives me a feeling that I shall face great and terrible things. I am a child of my generation, and I rejoice that I live in such a splendidly disturbing time." -- Helen Keller


Get Democracy Now! onto Maine Public Radio as a daily news program by March 2003 (at the latest).

Democracy Now! is a loud, open speaking, fearless thinking, non-commercial radio news hour broadcast daily on the Pacifica Network and now carried on 120 stations nationwide. DN! anchor Amy Goodman is a bold and vehement champion of non-violence, social justice, civil liberties, labor struggles, and human rights, and has an amazing array of journalism awards to show for it. The program reports on many issues and perspectives which are vital to the practice of democracy, but are routinely suppressed by mainstream broadcasters today. Such topics include:
  • the spreading civil opposition to an Iraq attack, Columbian intervention, and perpetual war in general;
  • the scores of towns and cities organizing to repudiate the Patriot Act;
  • corporate media concentration, the news "business", and the profits of fear, continuous crisis, and war propaganda;
  • media reluctance to probe the still "unanswered questions" of 9/11;
  • the accelerating corporate control of all branches of "our" government;
  • the oil industry's dominant influence on energy planning, environmental regulation, and now, foreign policy;
  • the racial bias apparent in the "War on Drugs", the "War on Terror", urban policing, and application of the death penalty.

Democracy Now! also offers in-depth interviews with insightful but media-shunned figures like Michael Moore, Greg Palast, Noam Chomsky, Jim Hightower, Cornell West, Edward Said, Ani Difranco, et al.

If you have never experienced the program, you can get a fast impressive taste at the DN! website: http://www.democracynow.org. We ask you to imagine how the topics DN! covers, the voices it features, and the dissenting views it offers could dramatically change the local psychic atmosphere.

In sum, we believe that regular broadcast of Democracy Now! in Maine could open a major clearing in the propaganda fog around us, and revitalize citizen activism and democratic debate across the state.

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The basic plan is to present MEPR Program Director Charles Beck and the MPBC Board with a dramatic deluge of appeals from groups and individuals around the state - in the form of petitions, emails, faxes, letters, etc. (Clarification: MEPR - Maine Public Radio - is a subset of MPBC - Maine Public Broadcasting Corporation. Mr. Beck has broad discretion in program scheduling, but if a decision is contested the MPBC Board has final say.)

Note: We conferred with Mr. Beck himself about this request a couple weeks back, and he said carrying Democracy Now! was doable in theory but we might meet resistance from current program fans. Many in this crowd are also MEPR "members" and contributors, he noted, so they have a bit of clout. Therefore we would have to demonstrate "a LOT" of popular support for DN! inclusion to make the potential aggravation worthwhile.

So that is the political terrain we face, and we propose to cover it in two steps.

First we gather up a decent number of eminent organizational endorsements for the enclosed Appeal Letter and present that document personally (with 15-20 supporters) to Mr. Beck's office in Bangor sometime before the MPBC Executive Committee meeting on February 11th.

After the Appeal is presented, we launch an email/fax/phone blitz to MPBC from around the state. We'll of course be inviting members from endorsing groups to help out, but also hope you ask friends, relatives, and work mates to drag their personal networks into action, too. We also encourage letters to the editor and op-ed pieces for local papers (and will be offering useful samples on this site).

(MPBC-suggested suggestion: people who write or call MEPR in favor of this proposal should either identify themselves as dues-paying MEPR members if they are, or threaten to become one if Democracy Now! is put on the air.)

After a couple weeks of this expressive outpouring, we invite Amy Goodman herself up on February 21st and 22nd for speaking gigs in Orono, Waterville and Portland. (WERU, WMPG and Maine IMC have generously expressed interest in covering these events to pump more interest in the cause.)

With a little work and clever effort, we should have an absolutely irrefusable pile of pleas in the MPBC Board's inbox.

As an added sweetener, Democracy Now! has offered Maine their first six months of programs absolutely free, so MPBC could assess listener response before having to think about money at all. If public reaction is as vibrant here as it has proved in other states, there should be no difficulty in finding local underwriters (public radio-speak for "sponsors") to cover the show's extremely down-market cost.

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First off, get inspired. Just imagine the difference this could make - a full hour of real non-corporate news and propaganda-deflating truths available every day in every home in the state.

Then if you can help sign up a group or association to the Appeal Letter, PLEASE do so immediately and send us a note (at bigmed@nancho.net)on the details -- group name, focus, contact person, contact info, etc.

Also if you know anyone on the MPBC Board (or someone who knows someone on the board), please begin lobbying at your own chosen speed.

Other possible contributions:
  • Write pro-DN! editor letters or op-ed pieces to local publications encouraging others to get involved.
  • Beg, borrow or buy copies of DN! videos to turn on colleagues and friends.
  • Grab a phone and become an ad hoc telemarketer for Truth, Justice & the emperiled American way.
  • Burn CDs of compelling shows from the Democracy Now! program archives and pass them around to truth-starved, tech-challenged friends.
  • Write passionate (and polite) notes of your own to MPBC and/or Mr. Beck. (It may help to quote liberally from program affiliate letters, especially those that say DN! consistently outdraws "All Things Considered" and is a great fund-raising aid.)
  • Cruise the Democracy Now! site, review our proposed plan, and imagine how this campaign might work better. Then contact us with your artful suggestions and/or go out and field test them on your own.
  • Drop a check or loose change on our chief spear carrier, Bob Walters (15 Leeside Rd, Harpswell, ME 04079), who has selflessly led this effort (out of pocket) from day one.
  • New! Free speech-loving donors can now make fully tax-deductible contributions by addressing their checks to Big Medicine, which is this campaign's fiscal sponsor and a 501(c)(3). Please send your donation to Big Medicine, PO Box 13, Kennebunkport, ME 04046; and specify "for Maine Progressive Media Fund" somewhere on the check.

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Dear Mr. Beck and respected members of the MPBC Board,

We would first like to express our sincere gratitude to MPR for the quality of programming you have offered the people of Maine since your inception. Many of us now greatly rely upon you for keeping us informed and educated on issues of deep public concern. Considering that reliance and the increasingly threatening world we all face today, we are also writing to ask you to expand the scope of your endeavors. Specifically, we would like to request more diversity in the range of voices and information you offer, a diversity we now desperately require to understand our current plight and options.

Our apparently imminent war with Iraq, our increasing involvement in Columbia, the terrorist menace, our precarious economy, threats to our civil liberties, and other issues are all causes for legitimate concern and demand open intelligent debate. Against this background, we feel the need for more varied perspectives and in-depth reporting on the fateful events now occurring domestically and throughout the world.

We believe the quickest, least costly and most effective way to accomplish this would be to include the Pacifica network's Democracy Now! show in your broadcast lineup. Those who live in the Bangor and Blue Hill areas are able to enjoy DN! on WERU, but we believe the rest of Maine now also deserves and needs to hear this extraordinary program as well.

Although many journalism schools still teach that one of the profession's highest callings is "to monitor the centers of power," we find that Democracy Now! is one of the rare programs today that puts this ideal into practice. The DN! staff has won wide professional recognition for their courageous coverage and investigations, including the George Polk Award for Journalism, the Robert F. Kennedy Prize for International Reporting, the Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia Silver Baton, the Armstrong Award, and the Radio/Television News Directors Award, as well as awards from AP, UPI, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Democracy Now! not only enjoys critical acclaim, 120 stations now carry the show across the country and all agree that it has developed a broad and devoted audience. We would be proud to have MPR join that list, and sincerely believe the program will boost the network's audience, membership, and reputation in Maine civil society.

This request is submitted on behalf of a variety of religious, political, environmental, labor, educational, and peace groups from across the State, and the list of supporting individuals and organizations swiftly continues to grow.

We look forward to your positive response to this appeal and to your continued leadership in providing Maine's people with the range of news and views we so urgently need to inform ourselves, comprehend our times, and preserve our own democracy here and now.


Your Group's Signature here...

Current signatories listed below…

For a printable copy of this section, click here.


(as of 2/07/03 -- to be updated weekly)

2nd Maine Militia - Parsonsfield
Beehive Design Collective - Machias
Belfast Arts Council - Belfast
Big Medicine - Kennebunkport
Bowdoin Folk for Peaceful Ways - Brunswick
Brunswick Peace Works - Brunswick
Chewonki Foundation - Wiscasset
CLEAN:Maine - Jonesboro
College of the Atlantic - Bar Harbor
CONA (Citizens Offering New Alternatives) - Walpole
Democratic Socialists - Bowdoin Chapter
Farmington Area Local Food
Farmington Women in Black
Forest Ecology Network - Augusta
The Good Life Center - Harborside
Global Help ~ Bowdoin - Brunswick
HCCN (Hancock County Community Network)
Justice, Ecology & Democracy Center - Greene
Katahdin Center
Labor Party of Southern Maine - Portland
Let Cuba Live - Maine Chapter - Portland
LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) - Portland
Maine AFL-CIO - Bangor
Maine Council of Churches - Portland
  • Episcopal Diocese of Maine
  • New England Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
  • New England Conference, United Methodist Church
  • Presbytery of Northern New England, Presbyterian Church USA
  • New England Meeting, Religious Society of Friends
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland
  • Northeast District, Unitarian Universalist Association
  • Maine Conference, United Church of Christ
    Maine Democratic Party - Augusta
    Maine Global Action Network - Greene
    Maine Green Independent Party - Augusta
    Maine Independent Media Center - Waterville
    Maine Peoples Alliance - Bangor
    Maine Women's Labor Institute - Bangor
    Midcoast Challenge Corporate Power Forum - Rockland
    MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association) - Unity
    Northern Peace & Justice Center
    Pax Christi - Portland
    Peace Action Maine - Portland
    Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine - Bangor
    Peace and Justice Group of Waldo County - Waldo
    Peninsula Peace & Justice Center - Penobscot
    Physicians for Social Responsibility - Maine Chapter
    PICA (Peace through Interamerican Community Action) - Bangor
    Portland Community Action - Portland
    Portland Tenants Union
    POWER (Portland Organization to Win Economic Rights)
    The Real Democracy Project - Dover, NH
    ROSC (Resources for Organizing and Social Change) - Monroe
    Seacoast Peace Response - Kittery/Portsmouth
    Student Advocates for Freedom & Equality - Portsmouth
    Southern Maine Central Labor Council - Portland
    Teamsters : Local 304 - Portland
    Veterans for Peace - Portland
    Western Mountains Peace Action Workshop
    Witness for Peace - Falmouth
    Women's International League for Peace & Freedom - Maine Chapter


    Baldwin Apple Ladder - Brooks
    Blue Hill Books - Blue Hill
    Blue Hill Food Coop - Blue Hill
    Northern Lights Books - Blue Hill
    Fairwinds Florist - Blue Hill
    Fiddlers Green Farm - Belfast
    Handworks Gallery - Blue Hill
    Heartsong Books - Blue Hill
    Island Cow Ice Cream - Stonington
    Lilly's - Stonington
    Neverdun Farm - Arundel
    Pan de Famille - Blue Hill
    Solutions, Inc. - Bath
    Wolf Pine Farm - Alfred

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    MEPR Program Director: Charles Beck
    MEPR, 65 Texas St, Bangor 04401
    Tel: 941-1010 Fax: 942-2857
    1-800-884-1717 (toll-free)
    Email: cbeck@mpbc.org

    12:30-3:30, Tuesday, February 11, 2003
    1450 Lisbon Street, Lewiston
    - Open to the Public -

    Anne Jenkins, Chair
    P. James Dowe Jr., Vice Chair
    Mary Anne Alhadeff, President/CEO
    William D. Adams
    Suzanne Austin
    Sally Beaudette
    John DiMatteo
    Helen Dudman
    Mary Ellen FitzGerald
    Al Glickman
    Elaine Tuttle Hansen
    Charles Hewett
    Mark Lawrence
    Barry D. McCrum
    Barry Mills
    Dr. Wickham Skinner
    Robert Umphrey

    John Wasileski
    Joseph Westphal
    Lyndel Wishcamper

    Trustee Emeritus/Emerita
    Bonnie Adams
    Robert Boit
    Crispin Connery
    William Cotter
    Robert Edwards (President Emeritus)
    Shane Flynn
    Donald Harward
    Bennett Katz
    Tabitha King
    Lincoln Ladd
    David Morse
    Neil Rolde

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    Amy's Maine Poster


    All Events Free and Open to the Public
    {but donations will be gratefully accepted}

    2/21/03 7:00 PM ORONO
    U of M, Donald P. Corbett Hall, #100
    Sponsors: Maine Peace Action Committee,
    Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine
    and WERU-FM
    For more information: 581-3860

    2/22/03 1:00 PM WATERVILLE
    Colby, Olin Science Bldg, Hall #1
    Sponsors: Movement for Global Justice,
    Maine Indy Media Center     FMI: 649-5980

    2/22/03 7:00 PM PORTLAND
    USM, Luther Bonney Auditorium
    Sponsors: USM Philosophy Department with The Arthouse Coalition, Big Medicine, CTN Channel 4, Maine Indy Media Center, Portland Public Access, Sound Ecology and WMPG-FM
    FMI: 775-0270


    - A lively panel discussion on civil liberties
    and the alternative media

    - Free and Open to the Public -

    Stephanie Agurkus - P.O.W.E.R.
    Carolyn Chute - 2nd Maine Militia
    Roger Leisner - Radio Free Maine
    Hillary Lister - Maine Independent Media Center
    Richard Rhames - Biddeford Public Access
    Briggs Seekins - Portland Public Access

    Time: Saturday, February 22, 1:00 PM
    Place: St. Lawrence Arts & Community Center, 76 Congress St, Portland

    Contact: Patrick Bonsant - Tel: 871-1045     Email: pbonsant@hotmail.com

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    "I love Democracy Now! because it enables me to hear important voices, ideas and points of view that I am not hearing anywhere else in the clutter and fog of Washington's chattering classes. Keep up the good work, Amy. I only regret that cannot hear it in every city to which I travel. Amid all the information I absorb ravenously every day, Democracy Now! helps to give me some needed balance."
       -- Clarence Page, nationally syndicated Chicago Tribune columnist

    "I am a regular listener of Democracy Now! it is stimulating, refreshing and informative!"
       -- Don Terry, National Correspondent for The New York Times

    "Democracy Now! is an excellent, illuminating radio program. I listen to itas often as I can, either early in the morning when i'm working out or later in the morning, driving to the office. Whether the subject is military repression in Indonesia, sweatshop labor around the globe, genetically altered food, the death penalty or a local environmental struggle-- to name just a few subjects that have caught my attention in recent months -- I invariably feel that I am better informed after listening to Democracy Now!
       -- Henry Weinstein, Legal Affairs Reporter for The Los Angeles Times

    "Just wanted to report that the response that we got from our listeners for DN's convention coverage was overwhelmingly positive. During both the Democratic and Republican convention we took dozens of calls from grateful listeners who said they were glued to their radios. Among the highlights for our listeners were Nader on the floor of the GOP convention and the debates in LA over the tactics of the activists. One other item: I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the combined radio/video coverage that Pacifica pulled off with Free Speech TV was a milestone in alternative media."
       - Rob Lord, News Director, WMNF 88.5 FM, Tampa, Florida

    For a printable copy of this section, click here.

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    "In the four years that KZYX has been airing Democracy Now!, it has become an essential part of our news and information programming, providing a complement and balance to the perspectives heard on NPR. Since day one, Democracy Now' has consistently outperformed both Morning Edition and All Things Considered, both during fund drives and in listener loyalty. For many listeners, it is the high point of our broadcast day. We highly recommend adding Democracy Now! to any station looking to expand the reach and scope of their news programming."
       - Mary Aigner, Program Director, KZYX (CA)

    "Democracy Now! has really helped build our audience during the afternoon news block and it has been very important in our fundraising. The show has been hugely successful. It has brought a whole new audience to KUNM and it has allowed us to diversify our listenership."
       - Marcos Martinez, News Director, KUNM (NM)

    "The response to Democracy Now over the last six years has been overwhelming. The show raises more money for us than either Morning Edition or All Things Considered. The message from our community is clear - Democracy Now is an essential part of our programming schedule."
       - Christine Ahern, Station Manager, WJFF (NY)

    "Amy Goodman is an extraordinary journalist, in the grand American tradition of Lincoln Steffens, Heywood Broun, I.F. Stone, carrying their brilliant investigative reporting into the new realm of broadcasting. She has become a legendary figure in the field, has reported from some of the most beleaguered and dangerous places in the globe, with impeccable honesty and courage. Her contribution to our culture is unique bringing information and ideas to her listeners which they cannot see in the major media."
       - Howard Zinn, author, 'A People's History of the United States'

    "When the rest of the world wants to know what the U.S. government is up to, we turn to Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Howard Zinn, Ed Herman, Amy Goodman... to tell us what's really going on."
       - Arundhati Roy, author, "The God of Small Things'

    For a printable copy of this section, click here.

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    College students should be inspired by the December 5th program on the New School. It includes the following segments:
    • Students Confront New School University President Bob Kerrey Over His Role In The Committee For The Liberation Of Iraq And Demand Resignation
    • Democracy Now! To Former Senator Bob Kerrey: Would You Support A War Crimes Tribunal For Your Own Role In Massacring Vietnamese Civilians? Would You Support Barring CIA Recruiters From College Campuses Or Professors Working For The CIA?
    Churchgoers should be particularly interested in the December 9th & 10th programs, which include:
    • Hundreds Of Church Leaders To March On The United Nations To Call For Peace: We Talk To Civil Rights Leader And Martin Luther King's Mentor Reverend James Lawson (12.10.02)
    • Talk-Back To War: People Call In To Democracy Now's Answering Machine (12.10.02)
    • Over 600 Gather For The Funeral Of Legendary Anti-War Activist Philip Berrigan In Baltimore: We Hear from Historian Howard Zinn and Brendan Walsh, Who Was Arrested with Berrigan in Catonsville, Md. in 1968 for Torching Military Draft Cards (12.10.02)
    • Philip Berrigan, 1923-2002: The Legendary Anti-War And Anti-Nuclear Activist Dies In Baltimore On Friday At Jonah House Surrounded By Family And Friends. We Broadcast A Special Report From Saint Peter Claver Catholic Church, One Of His First Parishes (12.09.02)
    • Religious Rebel, A Look At The Life Of Philip Berrigan And Non-Violent Anti-War Activism: A Roundtable Discussion With Plowshares Activists Who Were Jailed For Committing Civil Disobedience Actions With Berrigan By Entering Military Bases And Hammering On Nuclear Warheads To Symbolically Disarm Them
    Environmentalists will appreciate the September 4th special from the Earth Summit in Johannesburg. It includes the following segments:
    • As Colin Powell Is Heckled at the Earth Summit, We'll Hear Voices from Around the World Speaking Back: A Canadian Farmer Tells How He Was Sued by Biotech Giant Monsanto
    • "Africa Is Not for Sale!"; Speaking out against the So-Called 'New Partnership for Africa's Development'
    • 'Blue Gold: The Battle to Stop Corporate Theft of the World's Water'
    Anyone interested in racial justice should see the December 6th program, a beautifully done show on the Central Park Jogger case. It includes:
    • "We Wanted Our Children To Be Professionals. We Wanted Our Children To Be Lawyers And Doctors And School Teachers. We Wanted For All Children What All People Want For Their Children": The Mothers And Sisters Of The Central Park 5 Speak Out As The Manhattan DA Asks The Judge To Throw Out Their Convictions
    • Attorney Barry Scheck And NYC Councilman Bill Perkins Call For Mandatory Videotaping Of Police Interrogations
    • "The Court's Role Is To Maintain The Social Order." "Jesus Couldn't Have Won It." We Go Back In Time With The Words Of Famed Attorney William Kunstler, Sharonne Salaam, Mother Of Yusef Salaam, And Historian Robin Kelley On The Scottsboro Nine

    Robert Walters
    15 Leeside Rd,
    Harpswell, ME 04079
    Tel: 207-833-5730

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    Democracy Now! has just launched "The War and Peace Report," which focuses on the impending war with Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, and the "War on Terror" at home. The series includes:
    • Iraq Journal: on-the-ground reports from our award-winning producer Jeremy Scahill in Iraq. The reports include snapshots of the lives of ordinary Iraqis and explorations of how a massive US attack will affect civilians. They also include interviews with key players inside Iraq, tours of hospitals and weapons factories, and in-depth analysis, such as how Iraq's oil reserves figure in US government motives.
    • Interviews with the people who are most directly affected by the "War on Terror" in this country, including ex-detainees and family members of detainees.
    • Interviews with experts, politicians and leading activists who disagree with the Bush administration and are ignored by the mainstream media
    • On-the-ground coverage of anti-war protests
    • Debates between administration spokespeople and activists
    • Performances by musicians/singers/artists whose work is marginalized in wartime
    • ln-depth analysis and discussion of other breaking stories, with topics ranging from corporate corruption to labor rights, police brutality to sexual abuse to gun violence, globalization to the environment.
    • Some recent guests: former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, former UN humanitarian coordinator to Iraq Hans von Sponeck, an African-American whose Pakistani husband was nearly deported and is still imprisoned, Arundhati Roy, Ani DiFranco, filmmaker Michael Moore, former CIA director James Woolsey debating former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, British MP George Galloway, Ralph Nader and Noam Chomsky.
    For a printable copy of this section, click here.

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