Independent Jammu & Kashmir:
Justifications & Advantages

Courtesy of Kashmir Online

        Keeping in view a number of historical facts and the current situtaion in Jammu & Kashmir, one reaches the clear conclusion that the best and most logical solution of the Kashmir issue is to re-unite Indian and Pakistani controlled parts of Jammu Kashmir State ( the Vale of Kashmir, Jammu, Ladakh, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan) and make it a fully independent country having friendly relations with both India and Pakistan. An independent Jammu & Kashmir can be a neutral country and act as a bridge between India and Pakistan. This would be the best, practicable, equitable, democratic and permanent solution of the issue.

Justification for the reunification and complete independence of Jammu Kashmir:

Advantages of an independent Jammu Kashmir

Such a solution could be achieved


    This peaceful, practicable, equitable and permanent solution of Kashmir issue will not only herald the
dawn of a new peaceful, prosperous and glorious era for both India and Pakistan and benefit rest of the world indirectly but will also rid 13 million Kashmiris of the continuous agony that they have been in for the last half a century. All that India and Pakistan will have to do to achieve this all-important objective is to part with the territories of Jammu Kashmir now under their respective control. This price is not even one-thousandth part of what India and Pakistan will get in return in the shape of permanent peace, prosperity and glory.

With such sound facts in its favour, isn’t the independence of Jammu Kashmir State the best and the most justified solution of the issue?

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