Words That Mean A Difference

ANTHROCULTURE -- See "Corporate Anthroculture"

1. Dominant species on planet Earth; sub-species are classified as military, ecclesiastic, governmental, commercial, academic, criminal, etc. as well as their assorted hybrids.

2. Temporally punctuated social organism which only displays its form and functions when its membership is linked in a communication/command hierarchy and their attention flows are coordinated by a directive center (usually from 9:00-5:00 local time).

3. Super-organism composed of collectivized neotenous (developmentally arrested) hominids. Constituents are usually attracted and captured with monetary sweeteners and then bound into single-minded functional units by recursive diversion of their attention flows to corporate symbols, routines and goals. Members' attentional vitality is both channeled to give form, coherence and synchronization to the collective body, and parasitized to fuel corporate metabolism. (Attention is always directed upward in the hierarchy. This creates a responsive network of receptors highly sensitive to orders from the directive center above -- aka "head" quarters, and drains away attention, regard, a sense of importance, and ultimately psychosomatic vitality from the membership below.) However free or evolved the external environment, constiuents inside the corporate membrane are governed by primitive hierarchic subordination and denied the most basic democratic rights (e.g., freedom of speech, assembly, association, etc.)

4. Any large, bureaucratically ruled, hierarchically ordered social system that persists in time, enjoys at least partial autonomy and economically supports a large number, if not all its membership -- with "large" meaning a number too numerous for full mutual acquaintance. When dependent membership exceeds 500, these collective bodies become problematic. When it reaches 1,000, they are seriously distressing, and when it surpasses two or three thousand, they are invariably predatory, parasitic and/or pathological - both with respect to their members' psychosomatic development and the wider eco-social surround.

The breeding, training & developmental retardation of human beings for life-long incorporation.

A Big Body's voluntary liberation of its membership and orderly devolution into far smaller autonomous associations. Fruition can be internally triggered either by executive recognition that the scale of their body has indeed grown inhuman (cf. Goretex Enterprises) or that it has fulfilled its evolutionary mission (i.e., rapid acceleration of social, scientific and technological progress). or by spreading hunger among its subordinate membership for full adult status and rights. Fruition can also be "encouraged" from outside by social or political movements that arise in reaction to Big Bodies' increasing eco-social toxicity and/or plummeting existential cost/benefit ratios. Such external forces can then actively undermine these organisms' growth, power and self-regard, and thus persuade them that it is time to retire from the scene.

This "persuasion" can be accomplished with formal or informal means and varying degrees of gratitude and vengeance. However, given Big Bodies' current command of most of our life support systems, it is important to recall that fruition must be orderly and even graceful to maintain basic social integrity, let alone any of the advances they have bequeathed us. Since cooperation from within the corporate membrane is thus so essential, pro-fruition movements must promote internal enlightenment far more than external assault.

Although aggresive defense may still be called for against bodies posing clear and present dangers, even these actions should ideally be designed to awaken, embolden and "remasculate" the incorporated, rather than reinforce their insecurity and cowering dependence on the Greater Whole. The fear and weakness of its huddling underlings are a Big Body's greatest strength (accounting for Japan's enduring corporate vitality).

Empowering and enabling the majority at the bottom always enfeebles/disables hierarchical rule. This is why US policies in Iraq, Cuba and the Balkans are -- perhaps consciously -- so counter-productive since sanction-starving the common people only magnifies the popular insecurity which makes tyrants bearable and solidifies their rule. Returning the favor, these brutal little bastards then play CAD-enhanced bogeymen in our Big Media, frightening Americans into "single-minded" support of Big Defense despite the lack of a credible foe. Observed with a little altitude and insight, it's all really quite rational.

From the Greek goddess of the Earth: mother of the sky, the mountains, the sea, the Titans, and our hapless race. Now used to denote the leading lady of the Gaia Hypothesis - the modern (and ancient) theory that the Earth itself is a single living organism.

Japanese term for the energy flowing through physical and social bodies that directs consciousness; distributes sensation, vitality & structural resources; and binds individual parts into interactive wholes. Internal psycho-physical ki is also known as prana, pneuma and ruach in other traditions, while external ki is often called social attention. See "Ki and the Arts of Sex, Healing & Corporate Body-Building"

Uncompensated appropriation of human attention (i.e., its vitalizing energy and growth potential), usually with force, intimidation or commercial media
Altering humans to prevent individual emission/propagation of seminal ideas or cultural innovations.

Literally, "Southern Morning" - Japanese name of a 14th century Taoist revolt that championed decentralized power, sensual spirituality and the dissolution of the era's military-industrial complex. Now signifies a movement to inaugurate global populist democracy, assist lands/peoples victimized in North/South & BIG/small confrontations, and revive the authority of the sensual southern chakras as sources of social, political and evolutionary wisdom.

1. The voluntary renunciation of maturation, metamorphosis and/or individuation by an organism; 2. The attainment of sexual fertility by an organism still in its larval stage; 3. The persistent retention of juvenile traits in the adults of a species, as among certain amphibians and most members of hierarchical organizations.

From the Latin "saltatio", to leap - now meaning a jump in dancing, an abrupt transition, a sudden evolutionary transformation of a species; suggestively related to ‘sally’ - a sudden assault from a defensive position. Used here in its human evolutionary sense of an abrupt adaptive change in consciousness.

Study of hormonal influences on cultural creativity, economic performance,
political behavior, societal evolution, etc.