Revealing introductory texts and resources to bring you
up to speed on Big Body symptoms & strategies.

Globalization & Big Body Dominion

Recently the most intense attention to Big Bodies has been generated by their historic victories in subordinating all sensual, spiritual and cultural aspects of our planetary experience to their primitive economic appetites. Since their continued evolution and dominance as social organisms demands ever increasing trade, production/consumption and corporate growth, they have made these the cardinal values of the New World Order. To enforce these values, they have created new legal weapons like NAFTA, GATT and MAI and a whole class of auxilliary bodies like the IMF and the WTO to clear human obstacles to their manifest destiny - obstacles like our hard-won laws against food/air/water pollution, environmental rape, worker exploitation, the destruction of cultural and biological diversity, etc. In spite of its predictably low profile in the corporate media, every sentient being should know about this lethal offensive. Try these links for starters.

The Big Body Plague - US Political/Social Effects
( A VERY Short List of Typical Symptoms)

Corruption of Leaders & Elections

Legalized Theft Malignant Power Unstoppable Arms Production Suborned Science Anesthetized Education Endangered Food Supply Assaults on the Environment
Media Censorship Chronic Personal Discontent

Big Body Anthroculture - Psychosomatic Effects

Stripped to its bare essentials, anthroculture is simply corporate animal husbandry, a technology for arresting human - particularly male - development so people will cheerfully accept a life-time of amoral subordinate service within a corporate membrane. The ancient Chinese practised a primitive form of anthroculture when they routinely castrated all their bureaucrats to ensure loyalty and reflexive obedience. We've advanced a bit since then and now use psychosomatic pressures, estrogenic substances and consumptive addictions to retard individuation and bind our social bodies together. As you read through the following, please recall how your schools prepared you "for the real world" as well as your own personal experiences with Big Bodies and their bonsai members.
Better Ball-Busting through Chemistry
We once believed industrial emasculation was simply done with authoritarian instruction, systemic stress and estrogenic foods. Now it turns out Big Bodies have also been flooding the food chain with male hormone disruptors and thus prepping us all for a lifelong pre-sexual childhood. Won't Disney be thrilled...
Anthroculture for Eusociality, Neoteny,
and the Corporate Valhalla

The ultimate target of all anthrocultural enterprise is a eusocial or perfectly submissive collective body. (Eusocial means "REALLY social", to the point that worker members become literally "self-sacrificing" & "single-minded", reflexively obedient and effectively neuter. Among humans the neutering is less genetic than memetic -- the males can no longer freely produce or act upon their own seminal ideas. Their personal conceptions are gradually replaced with the orthodox memes of their corporate body which they learn to accept as their own.) Eusocial underlings thus enter a prolonged state of neoteny or arrested psychosomatic development. The following readings may make this all a bit clearer.