The Ki Character

"Ki & the Powers of Japan"

For a Universally Rejected Book Proposal

Section I

- The Political Economy of Ki -

Needling the Yellow Emperor : Ki in History

  • China's discovery/perceptions of ki in the natural/physiological environment;
  • Relation to prana, pneuma, ruach;
  • Ki of heaven and earth: astrological/geomantic phenomena;
  • Human body/social polity parallels: bio-social intimations.

Nectar and the Cauldron : Ki Incarnate

  • Energy medicine: disciplines, drugs and rituals to manifest the energy body;
  • Endo-incandescence: sexual ki, tantra and meridian intercourse;
  • Mystic physiology: role of the tonsils, appendix and pineal crystals;
  • Ki and the sense of self: individuation, assertiveness, libido, endocrine function and immune competence;
  • Internal ki, focal chakras and personality/societal types;
  • Attentional ki as determinant of consciousness, memory, identity.

Sizzle, Dazzle and Star: Ki in Society

  • Attention, please: Japanese perceptions of social ki phenomena;
  • Interpersonal ki: trade balances & addiction;
  • Depersonalizing psychosomatic toll of chronic ki deficits;
  • Ninki - charisma and crowd effects;
  • Transpersonal ki bonds - tantric, compassionate and cerebral-vicarious;
  • Psycho-social ki as existential nutrient.

Media, Movements and Flow-Alongs: Ki in the Body Politic

  • Channeling: bio-social ki bonds and group attention structure;
  • Ki leadership: fear, love and strange attracters;
  • Commercial animadversions: ki pandering by the cubic second;
  • Ki suction: 5th argument for elimination of television;
  • Ki polarity: encephalization, sensual retardation and organizational development.

Time Wars: Ki and Humane Evolution

  • KiQ: ki distribution curves & the topology of transcendence;
  • Organic ki cycles: tribal/community models;
  • Sustainable creation:maturation/individuation/genius;
  • Internalizing acquisitiveness: antidotes to consumerism;
  • Craft vs. corporate life.

Immunogentile Appendices

Dowsing the Grid: Meridian/Leiline/Attention Structure Maps

Hunting the Wild Tsubo: Points that Make a Difference

Compiling Ki Budgets: Discrete Dispersals vs. Circulating Synergy

Section II

- This Business of Neoteny -

Social Organismics: Corporate Bodies as Dominant Life Forms

  • Bio-precedents: ancestral collective/colonial organisms;
  • Sonata for slime molds;
  • Great body mutations and the fascist ideal - tribal/military/ecclesiastic models;
  • Corpo-typology: symbionts, parasites, saprophytes and bottom feeders;
  • Engineering adhesion: membranes, symbols, fear and insider consciousness.

Osaka Hanninmae: Reinventing Little People

  • Who killed Adam Smith: the paralysis of the "Invisible Hand";
  • The wasp's tale: the economics of corporate brood retention;
  • Ballad of the wild anchovy: facultative vs. compulsory schoolers;
  • Corporate body-building ideals: women and children - first, last, always.

Kyoto Senseis: Masterminding the Bonsai Puberty

  • Hormonal engineering: the war on androgens;
  • Estrogenizing adolescence: the politic economy of high stress schooling;
  • Iemoto culture: disinventing graduation and perpetuating pupil/pupahood;
  • Macrobiotic ball busting: unhip hops and the secrets of soy;
  • Authoritarian endocrinology: Aunt Jemima and the buckwheat cake.

Tokyo Kaisha-shugi: Husbanding/Harvesting the Homuncell

  • Pre-adolescent society: bondage, fashion and the reign of cute;
  • Corporate booming: fad induction and market peristalsis;
  • Situationally soluble ethics;
  • Deconstructing democracy: participatory consensus vs. surrender to boss thought;
  • Banzai salarimen and the Nanking Massacre;
  • Slime mold sonata (reprise).

Cultural Caponization: Big Orgs and Memetic Eunuchs*

  • Memes, genes and androgens: encephalizing emasculation;
  • Return of the Child Buyer and the Ming eunuch's mother;
  • Memetic vasectomies: disindividuation and "ism" clones;
  • Corporate scale and homuncell culture;
  • Beyond neoteny: waking up, breaking out, growing up.

Immunogentile Appendices

Calculating Incorporation: How In Are You?

Estro-Eating: Diet for a Small Spirit

Section III

- New Dimensions in Disease -

BIG Trouble: Mega-Corps as Planetic Pathogens

  • Scale plague: escalating size and diminishing existential returns;
  • Germ theory revisited: the Yellow Emperor in the rainforest;
  • Multinational metastasis: despecialized growth syndrome and the corporate socionoma;
  • Mega-pathogen perspectives on political/economic/cultural/environmental pathology;
  • Silicon centralization: competitive evolution between human and corporate bodies.

Antibody Alert : Activism as Immune Response

  • Immunological allegories: the body, the corps, the whole she-bang;
  • Evoking the immunogentry: chaos networking and the planetary lymphocyte;
  • Parable of the macrophage;
  • Social anaphylaxis: the '60s re-aroused.

Saltation Now! : Empowering Person and Planet

  • Inducing Omega: Gaianimism, bio-theology and the Net's first thought;
  • Planetrysts: alpha synch, energy churning and collective epiphanies;
  • Sensual tantrysts and identity transparency**;
  • Toward planet-wide, bio-regional populism;
  • Deliquescing daddy: socio-lysis, craft and worker control;
  • Media medicaments: fumigating the zeitgeist.

Immunogentile Appendices

Assessing Your Immunogentility

EARTH HOUR CONSPIRACY: Igniting Global Consciousness

*cf, The Abhorrence of Exotic Ideas.

**cf, Tantra for Terra Erotica.

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