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The Corporate Teleprompter Kid
"The American press, with very few exceptions,
is a kept press. Kept by the big corporations
the way a whore is kept by a tycoon
- - Theodore Dreiser

We know our politics are empty because our mass media suck - suck up to ruling powers, suck the intelligence from public debate, suck from the corporate tit. Nature and democracy abhor the resulting vacuum. If we as a people are ever to learn of the Big Body coup in Maine, DC or the UN, we will have to paint the pictures, sound the alarm, and fill that void ourselves. Consider:

Project Censored
25 Years of Project Censored by Noam Chomsky
Media Shuns O'Neill/Bush Call to Tax-exempt Corporations & Trash Social Security
The Little News that's Fit to Print


There are a lot of ways to react to this arrogant insanity as noted in the two following links. However, if you really are drawn to an artistic path, we suggest you skip over these rookie approaches to the richer subversions below.

The Impolite, Illicit and Incontinent: Media meisters dishing out the BIG Meme with tech sorcery, seditious humor and stubborn hope.

( For a quick riff on memes, and why they are crucial to understanding and overturning Big Body rule, see our pages on Memework and Meme Cascades first. )

Culture Jamming -- "Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs"
Seminal manifesto against Big Body media & how to get involved.
Adbusters- Culture Jam Headquarters
A slick, smart and savage multi-front offensive against Big Body brainwashing and rule. See especially their campaigns on Mass Media Ad Jams and The Big Question (Is economic "progress" killing the planet?)
Best Graffiti Around the World
Poster Nation - dedicated to Nationwide Saturation Postering.
          Last PN campaign: Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)
Obey the Giant
Inspiring example of a small image that worked Bigtime.


Seize the Day - Inflammatory, Infectious, Impressive
           Hear their Monsanto-scalding anthem: Food'n'Health'n'Hope
Raging Grannies National Song Book - Rewiring the Classics to Spark Revolt


Basic Unit of
Corporate Team-Building

Hierarchic horizons of cerebral event
c/o Arts of Incorporation

We haven't evolved for 5 million years to give up our planet now. The question is not whether we will win, but when, where and how, and equally important, how much fun you had pulling it off. Work at this war, but never forget your pleasure principles. Angels can only fly when they take themselves lightly.

Monsanto\Fox Suction Outed in Florida Fox TV Journalists Fired for Bovine Growth Hormone Exposé Win Big in Court!

The Onion
"Finest News Source on the Planet" - Bowel-bursting satires of Big Body news. Our favorites include:
Church of the Subgenius
A trifle off-message perhaps, but they sure as hell have the right spirit...

Index of the vast Lilliputian rebellion against Microsoft and Monopoly.

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