Current Chautauqua Sponsors
(People that help our world stay 'round.)

All progressive organizations in and around Maine are encouraged to become active chautauqua sponsors. Sponsorship involves:

  1. Assisting with chautauqua design, PR, logistics, audience outreach, etc;
  2. Delegating a representative to help with liaison, organization, and preparation of his/her group’s issue workshop presentation;
  3. Helping plan and implement a concrete collaborative follow-up action that directly addresses a vital source of corporate power (e.g., a legislative initiative to rewrite the Corporate Code, a ballot proposition to strengthen direct democracy or revoke corporate “personhood”, an inventive public ed campaign to awaken millions more to the corporate coup, etc.)
The 3rd point is the charm and unprecedented challenge of this event. Each sponsoring group agrees to devote 10% of its attention and energy over the coming year to solving the overarching problem of corporate rule. This could be an effort that would either undercut corporate power across the board or magnify citizen sovereignty with stronger Initiative & Referendum powers.

We need artists, musicians, street performers, web wizards, roustabouts, networkers, puppet masters, A\V virtuosos, media mavens, and artesian fonts of subversive genius. (Just as some are gifted with a knack for math or languages, some precious few of us are blessed with strange insights into "how to do things better." If you were endowed with such an ingenious spirit and you care about the Big Corporate Coup we face, pray focus for a moment on this cause. You may see strategies, tactics or solutions we never even dreamed of and would certainly love to hear...)

Presently Affiliated Groups (more to come...)
  • 2nd Maine Militia
  • Alliance for Democracy
  • American Workers First
  • Bangor Clean Clothes Campaign
  • Big Medicine
  • Center for Consensual Democracy
  • Forest Ecology Network
  • Greater Portland Labor Council
  • Maine Collegiate Campfire Collective
  • Maine Global Action Network
  • Maine Green Independent Party
  • Maine Independent Media Center
  • Maine Labor News
  • Maine Peoples Alliance
  • Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association
  • Maine Rural Workers Coalition
  • Native Forest Network
  • Pax Christi - Maine
  • Peace Action Maine
  • PICA
  • Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy
  • Veterans for Peace
  • Witness for Peace - Maine

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