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Activist leaders now see our challenge as a "corporate coup d'etat," and talk legal and political. We fear an even grimmer bio-evolutionary attack, and plot in militant medicalese. Big Medicine approaches large organizations not as chartered firms, legal fictions or artificial persons, but as true "living systems" that can learn, act, grow, die and fatefully affect our world. Specifically, Big Med looks at the blind consumptive behavior and swelling political mass of the modern corporate body and sees a disease agent of historic proportions. In sum, BIG Medicine supposes that these Big Bodies:

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Help ban the Big Body Bane
"Let us lift our vision high enough to dominate the problem.
Does not the only way out of our dead-end lie in introducing
boldly into our intellectual framework yet another category to
serve for the "super individual" - collective realities that are
not reducible to their component elements yet are in their own
way just as objective?"
- - Teilhard de Chardin

"The right biological metaphor for any society [or persisting corporate group] is not that of the fully developed functional structure of an animal, but that of colonies of cells or protozoa which constitute very loose systems... in that they have, to quote Julian Huxley, 'an unstable fluctuant body with a semi-permeable external membrane for defense against outsiders and a continued life with definite functions carried on by living protoplasmic units.' That is to say, there exist intermediary conditions in which we are not certain whether we are dealing with a true individual or a true system." - - Bio-Concepts

"If the cooperation of some thousands of millions of cells in our brain can produce consciousness, a true singularity, the idea becomes vastly more plausible that the cooperation of humanity, or some segments of it, may determine what Comte calls
a Great Being."

- - J.B.S. Haldane

"The living company does not exist solely to provide customers with goods, or to return investment to shareholders... From the point of view of the organization itself, all of these purposes are secondary... Like all organisms, the living company exists primarily for its own survival and improvement: to fulfill its potential and to become as great as it can be."
- - Arie de Geuss, lifelong Royal Dutch Shell exec

"Our priorities are that we want to dominate
North America first, then South America,
and then Asia and then Europe."

- - David Glass, Wal-Mart CEO


Illuminating the Common Corporatist Cause behind Most Eco-Social Ills

"We're more likely to see other companies as collaborators rather than adversaries... We aren't so much competing with each other as we are competing with the Earth. And maybe that's a healthy way to look at it."
-- George Kirkland, Chairman, Chevron Nigeria Limited

Annotated Links on Big Symptoms & Strategies

The Living Company - - A Royal Dutch Shell insider's view

Big Bodies Win Big at COP3 - - Even before the Bush, Inc. crowd trashed the Kyoto Accord

The Cancer Stage of Capitalism

Long-term, systematic and irreversible destruction of global life-organization emerged for the first time during the current advanced stage of capitalism. If we consider the defining principles of cancer and the eventual destruction of a life-host, it is difficult to avoid seeing that a cancer pattern is increasingly invading and spreading across the planet.

In other words, there is--

  1. an uncontrolled and unregulated reproduction and multiplication of an agent in the host body that:
  2. is not committed to any function of the host body;
  3. increasingly appropriates nutriments from the host body in its growth and reproduction;
  4. is not effectively recognized by the immune system;
  5. possesses the ability to transfer or metastasize its assaultive growth to sites across the host body;
  6. progressively infiltrates and invades the host body until it obstructs, damages, or destroys successive organs of its life-system; and
  7. eventually destroys the life-host in the absence of an effective immune-system recognition and response.


Broad-spectrum tactics to boost popular resistance locally
and wither Big Bodies globally.


     Introducing Immunogentility
- Are you in the Magic 10%, the planet's immuno-active minority?
May God have mercy on your soul...

     Ki Revelations - How Human Attention Forms and Feeds the Life of Big Bodies

     The Ki Papers

     Memework - Spreading the Mental Molecules of Transformation

- Memetics is the study of the spread of ideas
and its mastery is the key to changing minds,
behavior and thus social reality.


     The Electoral Mess
     Direct Democracy
     Worker Ownership
     Green Energy


Self-fulfilling prescriptions for a spirited, sensual post-corporate world.

     Beyond Big Bodies - New Paradigms & Sources of Courage

     The Vision Thing

     To be expanded...

- 30-minute journeys beyond the pale

The Big Medicine Show: Pilot I

CONTENTS: Pleas for piracy; Ike's military-industrial alert; Ralph Nader on the corporate coup; free industrial birth control: environmental hormone emasculation; and the Fortune 500 national X-mas carol.

The Big Medicine Show: Pilot II

CONTENTS: Big Body reprise; Michael Crichton on the Bane of BIG; attention engineering & the birth of Big Bodies; Sir Python's Meaning of Life; and King Art.

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"A recon, arms and resource center for those battling malignant corporate power, at least those wise enough to explore Big Corporate Bodies as evolving living systems, eco-social pathogens and/or our morbid rivals for control of the world."

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